BachserMärt Logistics ensures that the hay-milk yoghurt from Rüebisberg, the handcrafted spaezle from Böhlers and the fresh apples from Bleulers get to the city of Zurich in time for our customers. Our small truck picks up the farm produce several times a week from our two main sourcing hubs: Bachs and Eglisau.

The logistic team also operates a warehouse out of Zurich Altstetten where dry goods, beverages and other delicacies for the respective shops are kept until distribution. The unpackaged bulk goods like rice and legumes are repackaged here in reusable containers for final dispatch.

BachserMärt Logistics also coordinates work for other companies. We commission the entire range of delicatessen for Terra Verde, – an organic food trading company. We receive containers of goods for Crowd Container from India and Sicily, package them in ordered quantities and dispatch them to their final destination.

BachserMärt Logistik
Buckhauserstrasse 30
8048 Zürich

Email bml@bachsermaert.ch
Tel. 044 860 53 60
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BachserMärt Logistik