The people

BachserMärt is home to about 50 employees and 40 apprentices. We are as diverse as our customers. We work in flat hierarchies and are organized in decentralized, self-managed teams. The fives shops and logistics are led locally by a shop manager and a social worker.

The entire operation is supported is supported by supporters in the areas of finance, human resources, IT, assortment and pricing, marketing, vocational training, contact with farmers, social pedagogy, led by a co-management and accompanied by the owners.

Sabrina Villa
Shop manager

Veronika Berz
Social worker

BachserMärt Bachs

Charlotte Fuhrer
Shop manager

Ute Kümpel
Social worker

BachserMärt Eglisau

Marion Greminger
Shop manager

Isabelle Müller
Social worker

BachserMärt Kalkbreite

Pilar Rodriguez
Shop manager

Jürg Steiner
Shop manager

BachserMärt Seefeld

Paola Franzè
Shop manager

Raphaël Räber
Social worker

Nizam Aksu
Logistics manager

Andrés Frosch
Social worker


Thomas Mathis
Shops, Logistics, IT, infrastructure

Nathalie H. Gemperle
HR, finance, marketing


Patrick Honauer

Carsten Hejndorf

Thomas Mathis

René Hartmann