A circular packaging concept

BachserMärt offers a range of 30+ food products that includes nuts, grains, legumes and muesli in reusable glass containers. This is a conscious effort to minimize packaging waste. It is also convenient for you as we clean the glass containers and refill them for you.

Only the best produce
We source most of the bulk produce for our refill range directly from organic farms in our regional food network. We procure imported items such as almonds and rice through our friends at Crowd Container, Gebana and Terra Verde. Our partners ensure that the produce reaches Switzerland free of intermediate trade.

Fill two needs with one deed
With the refill concept we combine the advantages of packaged and unpacked food. Reusable glass containers protect the food and at the same time have a very good ecological balance when they are transported regionally, i.e. over short distances. The refilling of our glass containers takes place at the BachserMärt warehouse in Zurich.

Returning the glass container
You pay a deposit of Fr. 0.50 when purchasing a refill item. This is refunded upon return of the glass container (please remember the lid!). The container just needs to be empty – we will do the washing.